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We have made several investments in the infrastructure, tourism and agriculture sectors, where we leverages on our international partners’ strong network and expertise to grow each of these businesses. This portfolio of investments allows us to capture the potential of other fast growing sectors in addition to our three core businesses of Real Estate, Automotive & Heavy Equipment, and Consumer. Out of the investment portfolio, the telecommunications towers and tourism investments are the Group’s largest investments.

We have a 12.5%-interest in edotco Investments Singapore Pte. Ltd (“edotco Investments”), a joint venture with edotco Group Sdn Bhd (“edotco”) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Axiata Group Berhad. edotco Myanmar Limited, formerly known as Digicel Asian Holdings Pte. Limited, played a key role in the development and the liberalisation of the Myanmar telecommunications sector in 2013. The company currently operates 1,380 towers and intends to increase its portfolio to 5000 towers over the next three years. 

Our tourism investment has been spun off and is officially listed as Memories Group Limited (“Memories Group”) on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) Catalist as of 5 January 2018. We currently have a 47.6% shareholding in Memories Group.

Memories Group is a tourism company in Myanmar that operates an “Integrated Tourism Platform”. This Integrated Tourism Platform synergistically connects all its businesses to provide a seamless, one-of-a-kind experience aimed at creating lasting memories. The Group’s strategy is to leverage on its first mover advantage and further establish its position as a leading tourism company in Myanmar which comprises three business segments: Hotels, Experiences, and Services.

For more information, please visit http://www.memoriesgroup.com.

We have a 40%-stake in MC Elevator (Myanmar) Ltd. (“MC Elevator”), a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, to import, supply and provide maintenance services for elevators, escalators and related products. MC Elevator supplies high quality Mitsubishi products to satisfy the growing demand for elevators in Myanmar and has steadily gained market share with a long term goal to becoming a market leader.

Agriculture is one of the key economic drivers of the country. We own the rights to 100,000 acres of agricultural land in the Ayerwaddy Division of Myanmar, of which approximately 3,700 acres has been earmarked for a robusta coffee plantation.

Aside from coffee, we continue to look into opportunities to grow other revenue-generating agricultural products in the Maw Tin estate. 

We have a 9%-stake in MC-JALUX Airport Services Co., Ltd. (“MJAS”), a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation and JALUX Inc. MJAS has a 30-year concession from the Ministry of Transport’s Department of Civil Aviation to upgrade and operate Mandalay International Airport.

We have a 35%-interest in Yoma Micro Power (“YMP”), together with Norfund, the Norwegian state owned investment fund, and International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) to meaningfully address the rural electrification needs by providing reliable and clean electricity on commercially attractive terms to rural customers.

Yoma Micro Power builds, owns, operates, and maintains solar micro-power plants, with telecommunications towers operators as the “anchor tenant”, and mini-grids for the surrounding communities in off-grid areas. Yoma Micro Power has constructed 10 pilot sites in Sagaing, which supply clean and reliable power to telecom customers since September 2017, and is planning to scale up to more than two thousand micro power plants by 2023.

The Group owns approximately 320,000 square feet of a retail mall in Dalian PRC. This is is a non-core asset of the Group.

In 2013, the Group restructured its interest in the project and now has direct control over the retail mall.