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Serge Pun & Associates and the First Myanmar Investment Company

Serge Pun & Associates (Myanmar) Ltd. (SPA) was founded in 1991 by Serge Pun as an investment holding and operating company pursuing various key sectors including financial services, manufacturing, real estate development, trading and distribution, the service industry, automobile assembly and distribution, agriculture, hospitality and transportation.

Over the years, SPA has had dynamic growth and an impressive track record of successful businesses in Myanmar. Currently, there are 30 operating companies within SPA, which includes its flagship, First Myanmar Investment Co. Ltd. (FMI), a Myanmar Public Company.

SPA's foreign joint venture partners have included multinational corporations such as Nissan Motor Company, Suzuki Motor Company and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, as well as international private investment companies and high net worth individuals from North America, Europe and Asia.

SPA employs more than 4,000 employees directly plus thousands more indirectly who are employed contractors working on its projects. In addition, it serves over 4,000 investors or shareholders in various investment companies and projects under its banner.

As affiliates of Yoma Strategic Holdings, SPA and FMI play important roles in furthering the Group's business interests in Myanmar through close working partnerships as well as provision of expansionary opportunities.

The following chart illustrates the affiliate structure and the business areas of SPA, FMI and YSH.